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Korak, meaning “a step” in Croatian, is also the name of the restaurant recently opened within the family winery and an absolute step forward in the development of the gastronomic scene in Plešivica, a renowned wine region that many call “the Croatian Champagne”. Long-awaited and simultaneously the first fine dining restaurant in the region, it’s a project of a young and exceptionally promising chef whose goal is to connect local producers, gastronomic heritage and a touch of nature, because Bernard has an unwritten rule; “if it’s not in season, it’s not on the table”.

His work directly reflects in creating a network of growers, hunters and plant and mushroom gatherers, all in order to help the local community strengthen up and return to the healthy growing of foods like those we can find on Bernard’s plates. The clean and precise aesthetics both in flavours and the visual approach are complemented by the play of textures and the original gastronomic identity, unique just like a fingerprint.


Bernard’s culinary beginnings are tied to Dubravkin put fine dining restaurant, located in Zagreb, or more precisely to the renowned chef Priska Thuring. He spent almost 2 years there, and although selftaught as a cook, he quickly showed great ambition and progress. Eager to continue his education, he goes to Slovenian Hiša Franko for an internship, but only a month later Chef Ana Roš offers him a fulltime job. Ana Roš, the World’s best female chef in 2017 and **Michelin star restaurant owner, leaves a deep mark on his future career. He soon becomes her sous-chef, and in the winter, when the restaurant is closed, he goes to Osteria Francescana, then the best restaurant in the world, to spend three months working with Chef Massimo Bottura. After a while he decided to return home and open a restaurant needed in the local community. His dishes thrill and offer a new, exciting and intriguing story about the coexistence of nature, local ingredients and family.

Fall stories

From Katarina’s with love

Velimir’s hobby

Beetroot in hazelnuts
Ljerka’s milk
Snails in the vineyard


NOTE: If you have any allergies or food restrictions, please advise us about that when making your reservation. If we are not informed about your restrictions in time, we may not be able to adjust your menu.


Pairing of selected wines with a menu of creative dishes from our chef. Wines are served in sequences with the dishes, with a detailed description of the wines and the production.

Pairing of standard wines (vintages that are currently on the market) with a menu.

300 KN

Pairing of standard wines (vintages that are currently on the market) and archive wines, our best vintages with a menu.

700 KN

Only available for groups of 5 to 7 pax


Vegetables and herbs that we use in our creative dishes in our restaurant are cultivated from our organic vegetable and herb gardens, nurtured by our grandma on the beliefs of sustainable agriculture. We cultivate produce according to seasons and offer our guests the freshest in our farm to table restaurant. Apart from our gardens, there are numerous fruit and nut trees around our vineyard appellations.

If there is no produce available in our gardens we look no further then our hard-working neighbors or local producers. We serve food produced on a “slow farm” premise.


By announcement
Wednesday and Thursday

Friday 18:00 PM – 19:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday 13: 00 PM – 14:00 PM

Reservations and general inquiries
Tel: +385 (0)99 2764 204


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